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Sometimes invisible, wood rot can be a very damaging phenomenon in a home. Solid timber can turn into rot with the simple accumulation of warmth and moisture. Wood rot can affect even the strongest homes. Wherever a homeowner uses wood, there is a risk for fungal growth, wood decay and the resultant wood rot. However, wood rot doesn’t have to be a home wrecker. This is a common problem that can be effectively corrected.

What Are the Causes of Wood Rot?

Timber, unless well-treated or of some particular rot-resistant species, is prone to rot due to moisture. Most homes use wood in their construction and hence, the risk for water accumulation is extremely hard to prevent. Lumber that is exposed to the atmosphere is usually exposed to a certain amount of water that is present in the air. It is when the usual percentage of moisture in lumbers increases that damage and rot starts to occur.

Fungus spores will flourish if they are exposed to enough amounts of water and may ultimately be noticeable. Repairing wood rot should not be delayed as this can make it to spread over time. When the spread of fungus starts, homeowners are able to detect the two kinds of wood damage. In one type, the wood has decay spots that look brown and powdery and often disintegrate when interfered with. The other variety is yellow in color and the rotten lumber becomes extremely soft. People sometimes confuse rot with molds; these mildews or molds usually grow on wooden surfaces without causing any damage to be wood.

What Are the Signs of Wood Rot?

Detecting a wood rot problem and solving it quickly is extremely important otherwise it can spread to other parts of the structure destroying the wood and making what was once a sturdy house a crumbling structure. Homeowners should look out for crumbly or splitting wood. A growth that appears like a pancake is another sign of wood rot. This symptom is usually characterized by dry spores that spread around the entire building. A unique smell may also be present – quite akin to mushrooms. If you spot any of these signs, be sure to act fast before the situation gets out of hand.

How To Recover From Wood Rot

Since wood rot is a very serious problem, it you spot the problem, you need to treat it as soon as possible so as to reduce the repair costs. In all parts of a home, it is important to focus on wooden joints, which can take long to dry. Also pay particular attention to any lumber that is in contact with masonry or dirt. The amount of destruction that has happened usually determines the extent of repairs to be carried out. In case a structural feature is affected, it is advisable to consider various wood rot repair options and choose the one that is ideal for your home. This normally includes complete replacement or reinforcement. You may want to hire an experienced contractor to determine the extent of damage to your home and to assume a repair program that is efficient and cost-effective.

The first step to solving wood rot is to spot and get rid of any moisture. Apart from any fungicidal treatments that you may be considering, it is important to stop any outbreak from spreading around the entire structure.

There are normally two common wood rot repair options and they include:

1) Replace the Affected Wood Completely

This is usually the most expensive wood rot repair option. With a composite or new timber, you can solve the problem. However, if you decide to use the actual wood again, make sure that all the wood surfaces are well sealed and primed. Many people make the mistake of priming the affected areas only when trying to solve dry rot. The same issue of moisture penetration is likely to reoccur if the wood is not sealed properly.

2) Fix and Repair Wood Rot With Special Epoxy Fillers

Here, epoxies should be combined with a catalyst to make them more effective, especially if you don’t have enough time to monitor the process. Heat can be used to harden the epoxy fillers, so you need to consider the weather when doing repairs. This can help make any damaged areas look clean and tidy. Once the epoxy fillers have cured, you may smoothen it and preserve it with a fresh coat of paint.

No matter what extent of wood rot you are faced with, there is a repair option available to fix the problem. Remember that epoxy-based filers are a stronger repair option and quite cheaper than replacing the wood.

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