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Many home owners are now opting for mobile homes because they are adaptable and more flexible. Building a mobile home requires the owner to have done necessary research. Home owners should try to make sure they use the appropriate mobile home doorsteps since they are seen first by visitors as they enter your house and give a hint of the interior decor. Here are some factors to consider during the shopping and market research.

Doorsteps – Factors

1) Material, quality and build

Steps to a mobile home entrance are usually made with three materials; wood, fiber glass and concrete. These materials can work for any building provided it has a raised entrance that need easy and safe access. The materials have different features that determine the quality of your steps. For instance;

a) Wooden: They provide a cheap and easy temporary solution. They are easy to lift to the level of your house with a relatively lower amount of money. They are mainly protected with a light coat of weather sealer and water sealer for prolonged life.

b) Concrete: They are long lasting and heavy. A 2-stepper may require three people to lift and set it in place while larger ones need a team of body builders or a forklift. They last for years but they are difficult to entirely keep uniform because edges tend to wear and chip when knocked with high pressure.

c) Fiberglass: They are the best although they are more expensive. They are lighter than concrete steps and more durable than wooden doorsteps. These are built around wooden frame that makes them last for years providing wide and safe entrance to your home. They have single strands of fiber that stick along the sides which are avoided by wearing gloves when moving them to a new location.

2) Color

It is obvious that every homeowner wants to have a home with a complete décor right from color to material. This simply means you should consider the color of the steps before buying them. Try to buy steps that match or complete the interior décor of your home. The color should also be easy to clean and maintain.

3) Purpose

The purpose of the steps is mainly determined in the location of the steps. For instance, the steps at the main entrance should be stronger than those at the side or the back. The strength and purpose is mainly determined by their location and material used. Try to use strong and durable material for the front steps.

4) Cost and warranty

The cost of the doorsteps should be within budget to avoid unnecessary financial strains. Moreover, ask the seller about the warranty of the doorsteps and whether he will shoulder replacements and repairs especially if he is the one installing them for you.

5) Lasting

This period is mainly determined by the material used, purpose and exposure to harsh elements like mud, snow and excessive rain. Make sure buy durable steps even if their cost is quite higher since “cheap is expensive in the long run”.

6) Size and load capacity

It is important to have steps that touch the entrance of your house. Measure the height and width range that fits your house properly. The load capacity for doorsteps includes the weight of people using it and the material used.


Here are some examples of some premade mobile home doorsteps for sale:

1) Mobile Home Fiber Glass Stairs (

It has 3 steps that are perfect for connecting a section your home above the ground. It is made up of fiberglass and costs $245.00. Its load capacity is about 126lbs and is sold by Complete Mobile Homes Supply that may even deliver it to your home after paying the relevant shipping rates.

2) Metal Kit Steps (

It costs $489.99 and $450.00 when bought in bulk. It has five steps and a rugged slip-resistant surface, is 47x35x50 inches and is metallic but looks like brick.

3) Mobile Home Fiber Glass Stairs – 6 Steps (

It is has 6 steps fiber glass stairs and costs $425.00. The top edge or ledge of the Mobile Home Fiber Glass Stairs – 6 Steps is 24 inches and weighs 172 lbs.

4) Mobile Home Fiber Glass Stairs – 2 Steps- (

It has a price of $204.99, has two steps and it is made up of fiberglass. It is resistant to corrosive environment.

5) Fiberglass Stairs 4 Steps- (

It has four steps and costs $305.00, has a height of 32 inches, with a 36 inches width and 48 inches total depth. It weighs 135 pounds.

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