Mobile Home Outdoor Handrails That Can Make The Exterior Of The Home Safer

Mobile Home Outdoor Handrails Exterior

The entrance of your mobile home is a focal point for everyone coming to your home, so how is it looking like? Is that entrance reflecting the true beauty of what skilled craftsmanship can do? Is your entrance blending with functionality to create a welcoming aura? Those are questions you need to ask yourself.

You see, everyone approaches your home from that end, the exact position where your outdoor handrails will be situated. This means you have to put in a lot of careful thinking to come up with something that will please you and the people who come visiting you.

If you decide to go with a wood material as your handrail, you should ensure that the material is a true reflection of quality. The general craftsmanship and finish of this part of your doorsteps say who you really are. Neighbors and those who come visiting judge according to what they see, and it’s a fact that all of us love being judged positively.

Furthermore, mobile home outdoor handrails provide safety at the door. Many people now sue their neighbors in the event of an accident involving faulty or lack of handrails to support visitors entering homes. But other than getting the safety of you and those who come visiting covered, you’ll need to make sure that whatever you choose is sturdy and durable as well.

Wood material is the most common handrail material used in homes today, including mobile homes. When wood is varnished or used in conjunction with Murphy’s oil, it will last long. However, choosing wood also comes with challenges, unless you want to keep shopping for handrails every time. The truth is, some types of wood don’t stand pressure so well, plus they are prone to shrinking when exposed to certain types of climate. These are options you need to consider before paying for a wood handrail.

However, other options are still available for people who don’t want to use wood for outdoor applications. Metal is a good choice anyway. Even though metal rusts when it comes into contact with water or moisture, technology has made it possible to produce certain types of metallic handrails that don’t rust easily even when exposed to these elements. Such handrails are durable since they don’t react to anything.

There is a vast array of options to go with out there. These options are not only limited to stairs, but can be used in the porches and decks as well. Here are some of the options you have in the market:

Hem-fir brown stain pressure

Homeowners who love smooth finished handrails can benefit from this piece of safety furniture at the door or stairs. It measures 2 by 2 by 8 ft. The good thing with this handrail is that it can be customized by painting it so it can look good. All products have been pressure-tested to make sure they are able to stand the test of time.

If you’re going to invest in 4 pieces, prepare to pay a cost of at least $37. However, you should buy this handrail with hot-dipped galvanized connectors. These are usually bought separately, so plan for this budget too.

Aluminum stair hand in black

This handrail is sold together with a rail kit and 2 connectors so you can mount it conveniently. Everything is sold as one package. Furthermore, the connectors have a unique design which conform to the stair angles. At a cost of $68 only, you get a beautiful and durable aluminum handrail that will transform the entrance of your mobile home. This rail doesn’t require vigorous maintenance, so it’s a decent investment for your mobile home.

INOX 59 stainless steel rails

Stainless steel doesn’t stain or rust, and especially when designed with satin finish. This product consists of 5 parallel tubes with round balusters. When purchasing this rail, it will be delivered as a kit that contains all the necessary hardware you’ll need to set up the rails conveniently.

The good thing with this handrail is that it can be cut to any length or size to meet your specific demands. For a price of $69 only, you get a handrail that will meet your needs and that of your visitors as they enter your mobile home. Convenience when climbing the stairs (especially for elderly visitors) is what you should give.

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