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Mobile Home Roofing Material Options Exterior

Manufactured and mobile homes have over the years been built with three basic shapes, these are flat or bowstring trusses which are usually covered using metal or asphalt, pitched or peaked roofs which are usually covered using shingles and double wide roofs which use half trusses that are combined to become a single standard truss once it has been set up.

It is worth mentioning that if your roof is flat or bowstring then the metal roof should be after a while be coated after a couple of years, this is usually based on the recommendations of the manufacturers. There are also several roof replacement systems which are readily available in the market. These include the seamless rubber roof, seamed rubber roof (EPDM) and corrugated metal roof.

A seamless rubber roof is basically a thick coating of liquid rubber that’s poured on the roof. Prior to applying the product, the vent flashing and seams are usually sealed with a rubber neoprene product. Seamed rubber roofs on the other hand are sheets of rubber that are stretched over the roof, these are quite popular roofing repair and replacement options for RVs, larger mobile homes will most likely need to be seamed together, the rubber is usually sold in various thicknesses. When dealing with seamed rubber roofs, make sure that the rubber is cut slightly longer and wider than the roof so that there is enough room for the rubber to fall off the side of the roof so as to be held in place with a termination bar.

The most common roofing though is the corrugated iron sheet which has a relatively basic and fairly simple installation method and is also quite affordable. It should also be noted that even though there have been numerous technological advancements in the roofing industry, the most important factor in deciding the type of roof you will have is where you live. Homes in the north where the now is heavy and wet need a much stronger roof than those which are closer to the equator and therefore have little or no snow.

Product Examples

Here are some examples of available mobile home roofing material options readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Kool Seal White Elastrometic Roof Coating

Price: $ 95.94


Details: this coating does form a thick rubber like blanket of protection: it is made from an energy saving formula that provides a superior performance and a brilliant white look. The coating does reflect sunlight, keeping the interior of the home quite cool. Each gallon can cover 100 square feet and each tin does contain 4.75 gallons. It is also easy to maintain because all it needs is a soap and water cleanup from time to time.

2) Product Name: Aluma-Kote Aluminum Roof Coating

Product Price: $ 69.99


Details: this is a reflective aluminum roof coating that’s been specifically formulated for mobile home metal roofs. This asphalt based aluminum roofing does reflect sunlight and the damaging UV rays, keeping the room cool, it also protects against moisture. The coating is reinforced with fiber for maximum durability and can cover up to seventy five square feet per gallon: each tin does contain 4.75 gallons.

3) Product Name: 12 Ft Classic Rib Steel Roof Panel in Charcoal

Price: $ 129.84


Details: this is built for beauty, value and durability. This is a hard working roof panel that ably performs in virtually all seasons. It is ideal for mobile homes and other structures such sheds and garages. It is easy to install and very long lasting. The Classic rib does implement the MS Colorfast 45, a much superior 4 layer coating system that has undergone lots of rigorous real-life world weathering tests that prove its long term ability to comfortably stand up to all the elements. It is designed to be installed on roofs that have a slope of 3:12 or greater.

4) Product Name: GAF Lifetime Timberline Natural Shadow Charcoal Shingles

Price: $ 36.50 per bundle


Details: these timberline shingles come with Advanced protection technology and offer great value, they are architecturally stylish and yet practically priced. The attractive appearance does feature the classic natural shadow effect which is bound to lend any mobile home a subtle and even toned look. The shingles are also quite safe, having a Class A fire rating: the highest rating possible. They also have a dura grip adhesive seals which greatly reduce the risk of the shingle blowing off.

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