Do You Want To Know How To Replace A Mobile Home Countertop?

How To Replace A Mobile Home Countertop Kitchen

When you own a mobile home, it is essential to know when it’s time  and how to replace a mobile home countertop. If you’ve possessed the same countertop for more than 15 years, then it would have damages that are beyond the repair stage. For a solid countertop or the ones that are made of stone, you will find deep cracks, pits, scorched marks or broken edges which demand a replacement badly. For laminated countertops, you should look for signs of damage like knife cuts, water damage, stains and dull patterns.

These days you can find many types of countertops for your mobile homes that can cater to all budget types.

1) Wooden countertops: These kinds of countertops are best for your mobile homes as it can withstand scratches and needs less maintenance. The cost of this countertop is $65 and above per sq. feet.

2) Laminated countertops: These countertops are available in an array of colors and are easy to clean. It is very cheap and costs from $15 to $30 per sq. feet.

3) Ceramic time countertops: These countertops are resistant to heat and moisture and cost from $20 to $70.• Marble countertops: These are very attractive and needs a bit of maintenance. Available at a cost of $70 per sq. feet.

4) Stainless steel countertops: This is a durable countertop that needs regular maintenance. It can cost $120 per sq. feet.

5) Granite: These offer an aesthetic feel to your mobile homes and are available at $60 per sq. feet.

When you wish to replace your old countertops to offer a new look or to replace the old and damaged one, you have to know how to replace a mobile home countertop. This would involve two steps such as removing the old counter top and replacing it with the new one.

Old Countertop Removal Instructions:

  1. First, take the measurements of the countertops and cut it using Kraft paper. Now place it on countertops and tape it to find whether it matches with the rest. Mark the places for faucets, sink etc and then roll it to keep aside.
  2. Remove all connections under the sink and empty the cabinets. Turn off the main water line and valves of water line under the sink.
  3. Use a flashlight and remove the screws from waterlines of faucets. Loosen it using pliers and pull the faucet gently from the sink while loosening the putty.
  4. Make a note of the structure of your mobile home’s countertop. Some would be glued or some would be screwed. If it is screwed remove the screws and if it is glued on, remove the glue using a putty knife and then remove the sink.
  5. With the utility knife, detach the caulk from the backsplash and the wall. Tap slightly with a hammer and force the putty knife to create space. Now pry well with a crowbar and remove the backsplash.
  6. Similarly, check the countertop cabinets and with the help of a putty knife, remove the bond between the countertop and cabinet.
  7. Have the help of another person and remove the countertop from the cabinets.

New Countertop Installation Instructions:

  1. Check the condition of your old cabinets and the walls near it. Perform repairs if it is damaged. Repaint both to match the new look of your countertop. You will have to replace it if it has water damage and is beyond repair.
  2. Run a tiny dots line with construction glue over the cabinets and now take the new countertop and fix slowly making sure that each part rests along the dotted line of glue perfectly.
  3. Once all parts of the countertops fit well tightly, then check for its alignment with the cabinets, screw the cabinets and attach the bottom part. Now tighten the screws.
  4. Now reinstall the taps, faucets and sink with the help of a sealant made with silicone or using the plumber’s putty based on the instructions given behind the package.
  5. Now caulk along the edges of the back splashes and make the joints smooth with wet fingertips and allow it to dry fully.
  6. Now slightly tug the sink and countertop to check whether it is fixed completely.

Now that you now know how to replace a mobile home countertop, it is easy to make your mobile home look new with fresh counterparts.

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