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Because your mobile home roof is constantly exposed to the harsh elements, it is therefore bound to age or get weak after a while. There are numerous sources of this type of wear and the effects can be quite far reaching to say the least.

The sun’s heat as well as ultraviolet rays tend to significantly age most roofing materials, this is especially so in the south and west surfaces and for this reason, it is important to coat your roof with materials that are UV treated.

Rainwater that settles under shingles is also a major cause of roof leaking since it does cause the roof to rot, thereby threatening the structural integrity of the roof in particular and the entire mobile home in general. It is also worth mentioning that rainwater can also be forced underneath the roof by high winds.

Melting snow can also refreeze, this may lead to the drainage getting blocked into the gutter, this may cause water to get into the under roof and even inside the home. Tree branches can also damage the roof, as a matter of fact: leaves lying on the roof can hold lots of moisture which can cause rot on the roofing material.

Finally, it is important to always replace any torn or missing tiles or shingles since failure to do this does allow the remaining shingles can blow or get ripped off by even slightly mild winds. The importance of roof sealants cannot therefore be ignored. In case of roofing problems, here are some mobile home roof sealants which can easily be found in the market space.

Product Examples

1) Product Name: Aluminum (Aluma Kote)Roof Coating

Price: $ 69.99


Details: the roof coating is made from some high quality aluminum coating that’s been formulated specially for metal roofs fitted in mobile and manufactured homes. The sealant is an asphalt based aluminum that used to protect the roof against prevalent moisture. It also reflects sunlight so as to keep the building interior quite cool. It is also reinforced further with panels of fiber so as to offer durability and also protect from UV rays. This sealant can cover anything between 70 and 75 Sq ft per gallon. It is quite easy to apply and use as well.

2) Product Name: White Elastomeric Roof Coating (Kool Seal)

Price: $ 141.41


Details: this product comes in tins weighing 4.75 Gallons. It does provide superior performance and its brilliant white color does provide for very good looks. For protection, the roof coating usually forms a relatively thick and dense rubber like blanket. It does also reflect lots of sunlight which assists in ensuring that the interior of your home is kept very cool. It is also worth mentioning that apart from sealing the roof, the sealant does also protect the roof as well. Made from energy saving formula, the sealant does also protect the roof. It is also very easy to clean and maintain since all you need to do is to clean the roof with some water and soap. The gallon does cover up to 100 Sq Ft.

3) Product Name: 6” by 33.5” Peel and Seal

Price: $ 49.99


Details: with a width of 6 inches by 33.5 inches in length, this fast application is also weatherproof and waterproof and does stick to most surfaces. The material used does also stick to most surfaces and also does stretch so as to allow for movement of the building. The aluminum surface does reflect heat and generally reduces any energy costs. It is also worth noting that the sealant is not only tough, but it is also durable, making it also abrasion and puncture resistant. The sheet does feature multiple laminations of some special aluminum foil and films made from high density polymer as well as thick layer of rubberized asphalt water-proofing compound. It does seal tightly around punctures and overlaps, in the process it does form a long lasting barrier that’s water proof. It is also worth noting that this waterproofing material does not require any coating for exposure to sunlight

4) Product Name: 24 inches by 30 foot Gray Butyl Tape

Price: $ 17.99


Details: it does posses elongation and permanent resilience characteristics, this makes it possible to accommodate contraction and expansion within itself. The tape does provide some excellent sealing properties to fiberglass, glass, metal, plastics and a wide array of other non porous surfaces. It does have some outstanding sealing characteristics for problem areas and hard to seal points such as in contraction and expansion joints. It does also offer excellent resistance to any ultraviolet light, is permanently flexible as well as non-oxidizing. It is also relatively easy to work with since it is not an asphalt base butyl: this assures users of high level consistency during periods of low and high temperatures.

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