The Numerous Doorbell Options Available For Your Home

The Numerous Doorbell Options Interior

When choosing an appropriate doorbell for your home, there are several factors you need to take into consideration depending on your personal needs, amount of money available and your likes and dislikes. First and foremost there are several doorbell options you can choose from. These include the traditional model, the wireless model, the intercom model, the driveway model and the mechanical model.

The traditional doorbell is the most common and normally consists of a transformer and an actual unit. The transformer is used to reduce the normal 120 volt power to either 16 or 10 volts depending on the doorbell of choice. This type of doorbell is quite ideal for medium sized and small houses.

Other factors that one must consider which are dependent on the type of doorbell you choose include the range. This is especially so if you are using a wireless doorbell. Such versions have a range of about 1000 feet and use a transmitter of higher strength with a receiver and antenna of high quality. It is also important to check on the available chime options, there are those which will come with multiple chime options while there are those which allow for musical downloads from other digital devices.

The aesthetics of the doorbell options should also be an important factor. A good doorbell apart from being a functional device should also complement the overall good looks of the home; you don’t want to have one that’s just a fixed box type. Choose a doorbell that comes in the color, design and style that complements the look of your home.

It is also important to take into consideration the type of interference or obstacles that may come in between the receiver and transmitter. Get a doorbell that features frequency blocking options which can come in quite handy when you have such a problem. In these highly insecure times, it is also advisable to have a doorbell system that incorporates a one way camera which allows you to see who is knocking at the gate or door.

All in all a good doorbell system should be practical, easy to implement and well adapted to the type of home you desire. If you don’t want to drill holes in your home then opting for a doorbell system that does not require any drilling will suffice. It is also advisable to get a doorbell system that’s convenient and portable, allowing you to move with it when necessary without much ado.

It is also recommended that you get a doorbell that’s not only economical but also has an improved operational range. If you can get a doorbell that’s affordable and does not cost too much in terms of installation and maintenance cost then the better it is for you. If possible, it is also advisable that you get a doorbell that has advanced features such as a camera and intercom. The camera should also be sturdy and equipped with some waterproof materials so as to enable it withstand rainy days, the winter cold and the humid environment when and if required to do so.

Product Examples:

1) Product Name: Honeywell Premium Portable Wireless Door Chime and Push Button


Price: $ 32.99

Details: it does operate using three AA alkaline batteries and works with three push buttons, door contacts, motion detectors and added security features and has 3 chime tunes and an adjustable volume with 3 visual alert icons and a 250 foot operating range.

2) Product Name: AVANTEK portable Wireless Doorbell Kit 52 Chime Tones 300m/1000 ft Door Bell


Price: $ 26.99

Details: powered by three AAA batteries and supports a wireless range of up to 300 meters or 1000 feet. It does also feature blue LED flashes of light when someone is at the door and also features a very sleek design that blends with overall décor of the home.

3) Product Name: M & S Systems Doorbell Intercom


Price: $ 63.99

Details: features a two way communicator which allows you to easily communicate with the person at the other side of the divide. It is bound to give your entry way a more modern and very beautiful look.

4) Product Name: Victorian Style Mechanical Twist Door Bell Antique Reproduction


Product Price: $ 41.90

Details: the doorbell has a beautiful solid brass finish on the twist that’s sure to impress all your guests, the door bell mounting plate does measure around 4.25 inches round whereas the bell does measure 2.75 inches.

5) Product Name: STI Wireless Motion Activated Chime (Driveway detector and doorbell)


Price: $ 43.35

Details: produces a chime sound when motion is detected and the signal can pass through walls and floor of up to 100 feet. Has a supervised low battery voice alert and 32 selectable codes which can block all interference from outside signals.

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