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Doorstops are an essential safety feature for any home, but they are especially important for mobile homes. Mobile homes can shift and settle over time, causing doors to swing open unexpectedly. A good doorstop prevents this and also protects walls and door handles from impact damage.

In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of doorstops for mobile homes and the different types available. We’ll cover important factors in choosing the right doorstop, like security, durability, compatibility with floor surfaces, aesthetics, and ease of installation. We’ll also provide step-by-step installation and usage guidelines, maintenance tips, and solutions for common issues.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade old or broken doorstops or install them for the first time, this guide will help you find the best option for your mobile home. Read on to learn how the right doorstop can improve safety, prevent property damage, and add convenience to your life.

Importance of Doorstops for Mobile Homes

There are several reasons why doorstops are especially vital for mobile homes:

  • Prevent doors from suddenly swinging open due to shifts and settling of the mobile home foundation over time.
  • Protect walls, door frames, and handles from impact damage when doors swing open forcefully.
  • Improve safety by keeping exterior doors securely closed and preventing falls through open doorways.
  • Provide peace of mind during storms when wind gusts could blow doors open unexpectedly.
  • Keep bedroom and bathroom doors closed for added privacy and security.
  • Help ensure proper alignment of door latches and locks for smooth operation.

Investing in quality doorstops designed for mobile homes can prevent injuries, property damage, and loss of privacy or security. They’re an easy way to improve safety and prevent issues caused by the natural shifting of a mobile home.

Benefits of Using Doorstops

Here are some of the key benefits high quality doorstops provide for mobile homes:

  • Enhanced Safety – Doorstops prevent doors from suddenly swinging open and causing injuries or allowing intruders inside.
  • Protection from Damage – They prevent doorknobs or handles from hitting and denting walls, which is important in compact mobile homes.
  • Noise Reduction – Doorstops cushion doors to reduce loud banging noises when they close.
  • Energy Savings – They can seal exterior doors more tightly to prevent cooled or heated air from escaping.
  • Versatility – Doorstops can be used on bedroom, bathroom, closet, exterior and interior doors throughout the mobile home.
  • Affordability – High quality doorstops are very competitively priced for such an useful accessory.

Whether you want to childproof your home, stop walls from getting damaged, or make rooms more soundproof, doorstops deliver across-the-board benefits for all mobile homeowners.

Types of Mobile Home Doorstops

There are three main types of doorstops suitable for use in mobile homes:

Traditional Doorstops

Design and Functionality

Traditional doorstops, often made of rubber, wood, or metal, are wedge-shaped devices that grip the floor to hold a door open. Rubber and wood doorstops have protective surfaces that prevent floor damage.

The angled slope of the wedge shape provides stability while keeping doors safely in place. The size and weight can vary to suit different door weights and wind conditions.

Installation Process

Traditional doorstops simply require placing them snugly against the bottom corner of the door when opened to the desired position. No special hardware or installation is needed. They can be easily moved and adjusted as needed.

Magnetic Doorstops

Advantages and Applications

Magnetic doorstops contain magnets that attach to metal plates mounted on the door or floor surface. They offer hands-free convenience and swiftly catch doors before they hit walls or slam loudly.

They are ideal for frequently-used doors around the home, like bedroom and bathroom doors. Magnetic stops also work well for cabinet doors in kitchens and garages.

Installation and Maintenance

Magnetic doorstops require installing metal plates using adhesive or screws. The magnetic stop then snaps onto the plate as needed. Over time, the adhesive may need replacing or the screws may loosen and require tightening.

Kickdown Doorstops

Features and Usage

Kickdown stops mount to the bottom of the door. When tapped lightly by foot, a rubber-tipped bar extends to stop the door’s swing. Tapping again retracts the bar.

They allow hands-free opening and closure of frequently used doors. This feature makes them highly convenient for entrances, kitchen doors, and bathrooms.

Installation Guide

Permanent installation using screws is recommended for kickdown stops. Precision alignment to the door edge is important during installation. Some maintenance may eventually be needed to ensure proper operation.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Mobile Home Doorstop

Keep the following factors in mind when selecting the best doorstops for your mobile home:

Security and Durability

Look for sturdy construction that will physically withstand repeated door impacts without failing or coming loose from the floor or wall. Durability is also essential since mobile homes can experience more vibrations and shifts compared to site-built homes.

Compatibility with Different Floor Surfaces

Mobile homes often mix surfaces like linoleum, wood laminates, carpeting, or tile. Choose a doorstop base that is suitable for use on all these flooring types without causing damage.

Aesthetics and Design

Consider doorstops that match your mobile home’s décor. Streamlined, neutral colors blend in well. Or make a design statement with bright colors or decorative shapes to coordinate with room styling.

Ease of Installation and Maintenance

Opt for doorstops that don’t require complex wiring or custom fitting. Also ensure they will keep working properly without needing frequent repairs or replacement.

Installing and Using Mobile Home Doorstops

Follow these guidelines for properly installing and using doorstops in your mobile home:

Preparing the Door and Floor

Examine the door and surrounding floor area to make sure installation surfaces are clean and smooth. Use painter’s tape to indicate the exact mounting spot for customized positioning.

Step-by-Step Installation Process

Carefully follow the doorstop manufacturer’s instructions for

installation. This usually involves securing a mounting plate and then attaching the doorstop mechanism. Leave room for adjustments if needed to fine-tune the alignment.

Best Practices for Using Doorstops Safely

  • Make sure doorstops are positioned properly to hold doors at the desired open angle.
  • Check that doors and doorstops do not pose a tripping hazard.
  • Use multiple doorstops on exterior doors during strong winds.
  • Keep doorstops clean and monitor their condition for signs of damage or wear.
  • Consider safety accessories like doorstop covers or reflectors to prevent injury.
  • Always close doors slowly and controlled when using doorstops.

Following these tips will maintain the functionality of your doorstops and prevent accidents or injuries.

Maintaining and Troubleshooting Mobile Home Doorstops

Performing regular maintenance and correct troubleshooting ensures doorstops remain in good working order:

Regular Maintenance Tips

  • Check doorstops routinely for signs of looseness or damage.
  • Test doorstops to verify they still hold weight and grip properly.
  • Clean doorstop surfaces and clear any debris stuck underneath.
  • Lubricate joints and hinges on magnetic or kickdown stops if needed.
  • Confirm screws and adhesive tapes are tight on installed doorstops.

Common Issues and Solutions

Doorstops coming loose from repeated impacts is a common issue. Simply tighten screws or replace adhesive mounting plates. If stops slide instead of gripping, try cleaning or replacing worn-down contact surfaces.

Safety Precautions

While maintaining doorstops, be cautious of pinched fingers from mechanisms retracting or extending. Also use gloves and eye protection since loosening stuck screws or adhesive surfaces can cause debris to dislodge suddenly.

Final Considerations for Selecting and Using Mobile Home Doorstops

Installing suitable doorstops enhances safety and convenience while also preventing costly repairs from doors damaging mobile home interiors.

Evaluate your mobile home’s needs and research manufacturers to select reliable, easy-to-install doorstops. Properly maintaining and using them ensures long-lasting performance.

Position multiple doorstops on exterior doors facing prevailing wind directions. For interior doors, choose stops that match your mobile home’s décor and suit high-traffic areas.

Follow the usage and maintenance guidelines provided in this article to get the most value from mobile home doorstops while keeping your family safe.

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