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Feeling secure and safe in your own home is without doubt priceless even though you can get some peace of mind by simply installing some basic and affordable accessories such as doorstops in your home. When shopping for mobile home doorstops, it is important to take into consideration some important factors.

Door stops are installed for a variety of purposes, there are those which are installed due to security purposes and there are those which are installed to protect the walls of your mobile home. It is therefore important to first identify the reason why you want to install these doorsteps and then choose one that satisfy your need or requirement.

Door stops come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes as well as finishes and for this reason, one has take into consideration the size of the doorstep, ease of installation and whether there is need to make significant structural changes to the door, floor or the wall. Always opt for a door stop which requires very minimal structural changes to the current structure.

It is also worth noting that just like any other accessory: door stops should also complement the overall décor of your home by choosing door stops which are in sync with already existing décor and style in the home.

Here are some examples of mobile home doorstops readily available in the market. These include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: St Simon’s Arrow Base Door Stop

Price: $ 6.80


Details: this is a classic solid brass three (3) inch arrow baseboard mount door step that’s fitted with a top of the range, superior grade rubber tip. Its hexagonal head does make it relatively easy and fast to install. It is also sold with an extra long 1 inch screw which has a much larger base diameter so as to allow and enhance mounting stability. To ensure that the door stop complements the overall look of your décor, it is available in several finishes such as Matte black, oil rubbed bronze, bright nickel, antique brass, Antique nickel, Satin nickel and chrome and bright copper amongst a long list of other finishes. Gray and black rubber tips are included for every door stop.

2) Product Name: Home Door Stop Stopper

Price: $ 4.36


Details: this durable, high quality doorstop is made of high end stainless steel and does have a pretty design with a very vivid and lively color. The main function of this doorstop is to keep the doors open by using its magnetic catch and thus preventing the door from automatically slamming back. As a rule of thumb, they are usually installed at the lowest corner of the doors in question. Measuring 90mm by 40 mm by 40mm, this door stop is small enough to stay out of the way but just large enough to perform the desired function effectively. It is sold as a kit which includes one magnetic catch, one door stopper, one expansion screw and one bag accessory. It is easy to install and is without any shred of doubt a good way of not only securing your home but also decorating it as well.

3) Product Name: Satin Nickel Kick down Doorstop

Price: $ 5.97


Details: this kick down doorstop does flip down pretty easily so as to hold a door completely open, it is also worth mentioning that the doorstop does not interfere with the overall operation of the door when it is in a raised position. Made of aluminum, this doorstop does attach to the door and is easy to install as well. The screws required for the installation are normally provided and are a good fit. The doorstop does come in a satin nickel finish, making it quite complementary when it comes to the interior décor of the home in general and the door in particular.

4) Product Name: Everbilt Satin Chrome Wall Door Stop

Price: $ 4.21


Details: this commercial grade wall doorstop does go a long way in helping doorknob damage to the wall every time one opens a door. It does cover minor damages as well as marks on the walls of your mobile or manufactured home. Made from solid brass and donning a satin chrome finish, this doorstop is easy to install as well as to maintain. It does easily attach to a wall and screws and other installation requirements are usually provided. These door stops are available in different finishes as well as sizes. It is durable, stylish and well designed too.

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