Automatic Window Cleaning Robots And Things To Look For When Choosing A Good One

Automatic Window Cleaning Robots Interior

As a regular maintenance measure of mobile homes, windows require being cleaned from time to time for a variety of reasons. Cleaning windows not only helps improve the appearance and outlook of the home in front of visitors and passersby, it also improves the homes lighting and ventilation/aeration conditions as it relieves glass from damaging environmental pressures. Cleaning windows improves sanitation and betters environmental health as the inhabitants get to breathe in fresher air from the outside. However, the effectiveness and reliability of the window cleaning process are also dependent on the methods, equipment, materials, and tools used to keep them clean. This is where automatic window cleaning robots come in as one of the most dependable approaches of this age and day to keep windows clean. Apparently, these have acquired both domestic and commercial applications and are gradually rising in popularity. So what are robotic window cleaners, how do they work, and how can you choose a good one for your mobile home window cleaning?

What are Automated Window Cleaning Robots?

These are, as the name suggests, robots that are programmed to clean your windows automatically as they stick onto windows using suction forces that are motor-powered. Most of them clean the windows using edge-to-edge motions and can allow you to clean even the high windows that are out of your reach. In general, most of these window washers come with more or less, similar features. However, some models are equipped with certain unique features, functions, height specifications, and cleaning methods. This makes it important to understand a number of factors to look for when buying a robotic window cleaner.

Things to Look For In a Robotic Window Cleaner

Your cleaning requirements and preferences will mostly dictate the type of window washing robot to look for. These would include factors such as the amount of surface you need to clean at-a-go, running time, the height of your windows, window material, and automated features, including whether or not you need the remote control function. Below are some considerations to look at when choosing a robot cleaner for your windows.

1. The Cleaning Approach

Different robot cleaners have different approaches when it comes to the window cleaning process. Some of them make use of brushes, cleaning pads to clean the windows, whereas others come with drying features such as squeegees, which get rid of streaking in the process. Different models may also have a different number of cleaning surfaces (brushes or pads). In some cleaner robots, you may be required to introduce a cleaning fluid or detergent of a specific type before beginning the task. Some models take several steps of cleaning before completing the task. For instance, a 2-step cleaner will wipe out all the dirt or dust first before cleaning or polishing the window. Be sure to choose a model that suits your outlook and elegance preferences.

2. Power and Battery Life

Just like you might have guessed already, window cleaning robots are mostly electric/battery powered. Most of them feature a rechargeable battery that can last up to the time the 10th window is cleaned. Depending on the model you select, this can be somewhere between 15 and 40 minutes. This means that the battery life will affect convenience and reliability, making it an important factor to consider when buying robotic window washers.

3. Robot-Window Connectivity: Suction vs. Magnetic

The two main connectivity types found in robotic window washers include motor-powered suction and magnetic connectivity. With the later, you are required to attach a magnetic piece on the windows’ opposite side for the machine to stay in place. In motor-powered suction robots, placing the machine on the window is enough. Sometimes safety cords are required to reinforce the stability of motor-powered suction robot cleaners and prevent them from failing.

4. Automated Cleaning W/Remote Controls

It is easy to argue that remote control is an automatic function. However, some automated window cleaning robots are not normally equipped with remote control functionality. The opposite is also true, that some come with remote control at the expense of automation. Nevertheless, there are combo versions that come with both functionalities for added flexibility and convenience of use. With automated versions, you can sit back and relax while the windows get cleaned automatically. With remote control, you can actually control the robot such that it window cleaning is done according to your preferences and supervision or control.

Product Examples

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2: ECOVACS Winbot W730 Automatic Window Cleaner
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