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In your mobile home, keeping your interior space cool is naturally of paramount importance. Towards this end, ensuring that the cooling option of choice is affordable, easy to maintain, reliable and performs as expected become very key. Currently there are numerous mobile home cooling options available for those interested in keeping their mobile homes warm during winter and cool during the summer.

Four Cooling Options

1) Furnace Heating

This usually comprises of a heating device which is either powered by electricity or gas and an air circulating fan which typically blows streams of heated air into ducts before being blown onto the interior of the home. These devices are small enough to be fitted inside any closet in the home. Proper maintenance is required so as to avoid unnecessary damages and costs, the filters should also be changed regularly.

A good example is the DGAA056 Revolv Automatic Hot Surface Ignition Gas Furnace which is ideal for areas where space is scarce due to its zero clearance, it also comes with a built in coil cabinet which is designed to work together with air conditioners and heat pumps, making it easy to install. It is factory equipped with natural gas and conversion to propane is easy and fast. The product is available at and costs $954.78

2) Evaporative/Swamp Coolers

These are also known as desert or wet air coolers. They use ducts to evenly distribute air throughout the mobile home. They are known to reduce the internal temperature of a home by a whopping 40 degrees. To avoid instances of roof leaks, it is not advisable to mount the unit on the roof of your mobile home.

A good example is the Honeywell 15Pt Indoor Portable Evaporative Air Cooler which does not require any permanent installation and has a non compressor system that cools inexpensively and naturally with 150CFM air flow. It has 4 caster wheels for easy mobility and consumes only 50 watts of power; it is also packed an automatic shutoff timer for more energy savings. The remote control allows the user to control the cooler from across the room. The product is available at and costs $139.75.

3) Air Source Heat Pump

All though they are not as popular as central air conditioning units, they are used to heat and cool homes. It works by exchanging cold air for warm air during winter and exchanging warm air for cold air during the summer months. They have one limitation though, when the exterior temperature exceeds 35 degrees Fahrenheit the unit becomes quite ineffective, it for that reason why they are not so popular in the northern part of the US.

A geothermal heat pump on the other hand uses the ground to capture heat or cold; installers usually bury coils under the frost line or have them submerged in a nearby water source so as to exchange heat with the water or ground.

A good example is the Soleus Air LX 140, 14,000 BTU; this is a portable air conditioner with a 60 pint dehumidifier combined with a 3 in 1 speed fan. It also has a programmable digital thermostat. It is a great choice with an easy to read multi color display and a 24 hour clock timer. For ease of mobility, it has heavy duty casters. It has an output of 115V 60Hz, 12 amps and 1390 watts and weighs 83 pounds. This product is readily available at and costs $467.27.

4) Portable Window Units

An individual window cooling unit is a good replacement for a central A/C unit. It is quite adept at cooling localized areas or sections of the mobile home. It is also possible to choose a unit that has a heating element which heats the room when the exterior temperatures are rather cool. It is worth noting that these units work best if they are only meant to cool the room where the unit is placed. There are some home parks though which prohibit the installation of window units, it is therefore important to check on park guidelines if your mobile home is in a home park.

A good example of such a unit is the Frigidaire -5,000 BTU Window air conditioner that comes with up to 165 sq ft cooling capacity and 2 cool settings and 2 fan only speeds to keep the cold air moving at the speed you choose. The antibacterial mesh filter ensures the conditioner works efficiently. It also comes with a 24 hour off or on timer. The item is available at and costs $159.99.

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