8 Ceiling Hugger Fans That You Should Consider When Shopping For A Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Hugger Fans Interior

Ceiling hugger fans are very popular in most households today. They provide a nice breeze in the scotching heat of summer to make you comfortable all day long. When they were first made, they only consisted of a long rod with a fan base at the bottom. However, we have new innovations today, and so they don’t have to be longer than normal. So if you are considering to purchase any one of these, consider the following 8 fan models, plus their prices and where to buy them.

1) Casa habitat hugger ceiling fan

It’s a white motor finish that measures 44 inches wide. It’s compact in design, equipped with the ability to reverse the white and light oak blades. However, the optional wall control feature will require a third wire for installation. It also takes two 60watts bulbs, which are included in the unit as well. The price is only $179 on Amazon.

2) 42 inch modern Fan Altus Gloss white hugger

With this modern design ceiling hugger fan, you get a 4-speed wall control to regulate the speed of the motor. It also features a gloss white finish which looks really nice on the roof. Fan height to bottom is 12 inches. Lastly, you get a limited lifetime warranty for the motor itself. This fan will cost you $288.

3) Minka-Aire F518-WH 44 Inch ceiling hugger fan

With only 10.5 inches hanging depth, this fan is just ideal for your low ceiling height. It also comes with an integrated halogen bulb (100W) to illuminate the entire room. Furthermore, this fan also comes with a remote control to help you regulate the speed of the motor without necessarily reaching the wall switch. Lastly, it takes 75% less time to install and get it running compared to convention ceiling fans. It costs $269.

4) Casa Vieja Outlook Ceiling Fan

It comes with 4 durable silver blades and a 15 degree blade pitch. Its canopy is 52 inch wide and 2.3 inch high. It also comes with two 13 CFL bulbs to lighten up the house at night. This is one of the most affordable fans in the market, with prices starting from $139. There’s also free shipping on all your orders.

5) Westinghouse 7247300 Alloy 2-light reversible 3-ceiling fan

This is a 2-light reversible 3 blade fan that is ideal for rooms measuring up to 144 square feet. It has a dual capacitor as well as a silicon steel motor. The 3 fan speeds are high, medium and low. If you operate it without the in-built lights on, it will consume 51 watts of power only. Airflow efficiency is 80 cfm per watt. The motor has a limited warranty. Get it at only $83.

6) Canarm 48 Frosted Glass 48 Inch ceiling fan

It’s a 3-blade hugger ceiling fan with a little bit of style attached to it as the blades are reversible and can change between grey and white on either side. It uses only one 100W bulb instead of two. The canopy type hand-held remote will regulate fan speeds as well as the brightness of the bulb. It features a double montage, all completed with a frosted glass kit. This ceiling fan looks good and is quite affordable. It costs $115 only.

7) 52 inch Casa Chic Antique White ceiling fan

The design can only be described as antique white finish. It also has a 14 degree blade pitch to enhance efficient airflow. The fan motor is only 13.5 inch in height with down-rod not included. This ceiling fan is so stylish that it fits every room decor. The only set back is that it’s on the higher side of the price. It costs $269 at Amazon.

8) 52 inch Casa Vieja Rattan Outdoor ceiling fan

It has a blade span of up to 52 inches. It’s also ideal for people who leave in wet areas. The design is that of frosted white glass (with light glass also included). Canopy is just 6 inches wide and 2.2 inches high. It’s also a 13 degree blade pitch. With these features in place, this fan is guaranteed to give you the most comfortable breeze you’ve never felt before. The cost of this fan on Amazon is only $199.

Any one of the ceiling hugger fans above can fit your needs because all of them have the basic features that people look in a typical ceiling fan. However, others may come with extra features to entice you, but keep in mind that you’ll also have to pay more to get them.

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