Getting Organized With Space Saving Bathroom Options

space saving bathroom options Bathroom

When you are making use of space saving bathroom options, you are creating more space as well as getting more organized. And these are especially useful in case of a mobile home where space is always at a premium. These are fairly simple and can easily be incorporated in any type of bathroom, as you would soon realize!

1. The cabinet behind the mirror: You need the mirror, and you need the cabinet too. Now combine these two and save on space! Have a cabinet right behind your mirror in the bathroom. Just make sure that the cabinet is not too deep or it will make the mirror jut out. Store your daily use items in this wall cabinet.

2. Storage tower: Make optimal use of space. In case there is a narrow space available, have a storage tower that can go right up to the ceiling. You may place the extra items and the stuff that is used less in the upper shelves. Have shelves of varying heights. This would allow you to accommodate more items. In case you do not wish to display these items, have a door in front of them.

3. Store on the ladder: This is something out of the box. When you are storing right up to the roof, you would need a ladder too. Rather than letting it stand idle and take up space in your bathroom, use it for storage. In order to do this, keep it painted in a lively color so that it is not an eyesore. Store away all those towels, bottles and packets on it.

4. Use space under the sink: Have a beautiful cabinet under your sink. You can place a lot of stuff out here. In addition, everything that you need on a regular basis can be accessed easily this way. If possible, incorporate a towel rail somewhere in this design to take care of this aspect of your bathroom too.

5. Use the walls: Now you can have concealed storage in the bathroom. Do ensure that the pull down drawer also serves some function such as a changing table. Store all those pins, toothbrushes and bottles this way.

6. Cover it all: No matter what you are storing, keep it covered. It is best to have a door. But in case you are not keen to have a door or not able to afford one, do not fret. Cover it with a sink skirt or a pretty white curtain with lace. In addition to making your bathroom look beautiful, you can sneak in those bathroom items in a jiffy without bothering to place them in the right manner.

7. Use wicker baskets: This is one of the simplest and easiest space saving bathroom options. If there is no space at all to build a cabinet, opt for wicker baskets. These look good and can be kept anywhere. You may place them under the sink, behind the door or anywhere else you find space. Have these of varying sizes. You can use one to store up all your dirty clothes. Use one to stock up your linen. Keep one to store your toiletries. This is a wonderful way to keep yourself organized.

8. Use wall shelves: You need space on the floor. So you need to use your walls. Hang shelves on them. Place your toiletries on these. Make sure that you do not overstock or the place will look really messy. In fact, keep some empty space so that you can keep the daily use articles on them.

9. Have proper lighting: Opt for focused lighting. Let the light fall on you and not on the bathroom fixtures. This will make your bathroom look interesting and be more functional. Keep all the nooks and corners lighted so that these are used too.

10. Use those nooks and corners: Do not ignore these. Have corner shelves. Keep the daily use items on these. Make sure that there are no sharp edges or anything that may hurt you while using the bathroom.

Make use of all these space saving bathroom options in order to make your mobile home truly functional. In addition, it will help you to make optimum use of available space and get the maximum utility out of it.

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