Bathroom Vanity Mirrors – How To Shop For A New One

Bathroom Vanity Mirrors Bathroom

The process of finding the right bathroom vanity mirrors for your bathroom is quite difficult and time consuming since there are very many of bathroom mirrors to choose from. Choosing the right bathroom mirrors will make your room look larger and more stylish by giving it the best look. You may require them when building your home from scratch or when remodeling your bathroom. This should not worry you because the bathroom is relatively smaller as compared to other rooms in your house. Below are detailed ideas on how go to about this process.

1) The available space: Measuring the range of sizes that would fit above your sink is simply the first step when shopping for these mirrors. Most modern mirrors come in fixed sizes and buying a mirror beyond the acceptable range will lead to wastage and make your bathroom look smaller. On the other hand, your bathroom will look awkward if the mirror is too small.

2) Design: There are different mirror designs available in the market and it is wise to make sure your design is appropriate for your current room décor or the one you are trying to achieve. For example, replica bathroom windows are appropriate for Victorian homes while sleek mirrors with clean lines are good for modern look. Other designs that you can choose from include wood frames, frosted glass frames and metal frames.

3) Budget and cost: It is obvious you will need to consider the cost of the mirrors since it is not worth to break your bank to buy a mirror you love. You should consider the options within your budget for the process to go according to your plans.

4) Material and shape: The material of your mirror frame should match the material of your vanity.  Vanity mirrors are available in different shapes including circular, rectangular and oval. Choosing the appropriate shape will add a dramatic effect in your bathroom especially when vanity lights are installed in beveled mirrors. For example, an oval mirror is more elegant on top of a stand-alone sink. You may also choose frameless mirrors that are easier to maintain but more fragile. Be sure to handle them with special care to ensure they last longer.

Bathroom Vanity Mirrors – Recommendations

1) Moen DN2692CH Glenshire Oval Tilting Mirror, Chrome ( It costs $47.77 with free shipping. Its dimensions are 3 by 21 by 28 inches. It has a chrome finish that creates a cool grey, bright and highly reflective look. It has beautiful lines and design that is easy to install.

2) Alpine Art & Mirror 78232A Forest Grained Framed Wall Mirror, 25.5 by 40.5-Inch, Black ( It costs $66.99 with free shipping. Its frame is 2.5 inches wide. It can be cleaned with a damp cloth easily and hangs horizontally or vertically.

3) Windsor 30″ x 33″ Mirror ( It is sold by Silver Mill Plumbing Supply with free shipping at $62.50. It is white in color, beveled and hangs vertical with wood cleat for easy hanging.

4) Alpine Mirror & Art Beveled Mirror ( It is sold by Amazon at $59.99 with fee shipping. It is silver in color with beveled glass. It is cleaned with damp cloth and can hang horizontally or vertically.

5) Elegant Home Fashions Chatham Collection Framed Beveled-Edge Glass Mirror, Dark Espresso ( It is sold by Elegant Home Fashions at $42.49 with free shipping. It has an attractive framed mirror and beveled glass. It is made with warm dark-espresso wood finish and measures 2X19X26 inches.

6) IKEA FRACK Extendable Magnifying Bathroom Mirror ( It costs $11.99 with free shipping. It is suitable for use in high humidity areas because it is water resistant. It is extendable from the wall and one side has a magnifying mirror glass.

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