Mobile Home Tubs: How To Get Best Value For Your Money

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Components found in a mobile home are quite different from those found in a site-built house. And in this case, mobile home tubs are different because they don’t feature overflows. In addition to this, they are supported above the floor, which means the drain line will always go under the tub and down, through the floor.

Bathtubs – What Should Look For?

It’s about comfort, safety and ease of use. If these can be fulfilled, then you’re covered in this area. Other than the tub you want to install, the floor you want to install it on should be a factor to consider in your purchase.

You need to check the weight limit of the floor in question. This weight should factor in that of the water and the people who will be using the tub. Luckily, most of these items come with weight limit listed in them. If there’s no indication on maximum weight that can be supported, then try asking the manufacturer.

You need to consider the kind of water heater you’ll use. When the water is cold and piercing, it’s not fun especially where you want to relax. So you need to look for a suitable water heater that can go hand-in-hand with your tub. The problem is that not all water heaters can heat the right amount of water. So you need to consider a heater that can handle the amount of water you want to heat on your tub.

Purchasing a tub for your mobile home can be a good investment. The main task lies in choosing the right one for your particular mobile home, and also installing it perfectly. However, once you know what you need, then the shopping bit of it shouldn’t be a tough process.

Here are 5 mobile home tubs you might be interested in:

1) Home Spa Tub Mobile Home Bathtubs (

This is a high-end tub that costs anywhere between $1000 and $2000 a set. It has a capacity of 1100L, while it accommodates up to 3 persons at a time. It also has hydrotherapy and air jets to enhance comfort while soaking in the water. Some additional features are high performance water pumps, a heater, a big underwater LED light, and a standard synthetic cabinet to keep your items.

2) HS-BS641 Cheap Hot Tub for Mobile Home (

This is a cheap and quality tub you can buy for your mobile home. It has all the features you may want in a standard tub. Even though it was manufactured for massage as basic function, it can be used as a place to relax. It is available in white and black acrylic colors. It retails at a factory price starting at $1000. You also get a 5-year warranty on all purchases.

3) 2-Person bathtub with Computer Control Panel (

This is a square-shaped ABS-material mobile home tub that can be controlled via a computer control panel. It holds up to 2 people, and the water capacity is 280L. It has a 1.5HP Whirlpool pump, incorporated with 4 big cooper jets. You can easily regulate water pressure, water intake and circulation. It also has a thermostat mixer and two head rest for two people. The price is between $450 and $800.

4) Simple White Acrylic Mobile Home Tub (

This is a very personalized bathtub that can fit one person at a time. It’s white in color and made of acrylic material. It lacks a computer control panel though, so expect to use your hand to control everything. The main purpose for which it was created is to soak you in warm water. So it offers a way to relax at only $308.

5) Engineered Stone Bathtub for Mobile Home (

This is a solid surface bathtub made of marble. It’s a freestanding unit that features a welcoming design creation. All units have undergone thorough inspection for quality, so it will not disappoint you. Furthermore, all purchases come with a 5-year warranty. The surface is white, shinny and matt finished. It’s ideal for mobile homeowners whose budget is between $500 and $1,500.


Spruce up your mobile home with any one of the products described above. They are excellent in quality, attractive in design, and rich in features you may need in a mobile home tub. If you need a fancier option, go for the computer-controlled unit, which gives you an easy time in the bathroom.

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