A Comprehensive Guide To Buying Mobile Home Vanities

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A vanity is essential for your mobile home because it provides a focal point for your bathroom. Furthermore, they are functional and also provide a way to express your style. These days, mobile home vanities come in a vast array of configurations. You could get single sink, double sink, curved-front, corner or even wall-hung.

Now, when selecting a mobile home vanity, you need to put some factors into consideration. If you can answer the following questions correctly, then you will most certainly buy the ultimate vanity that suites your needs and that of your bathroom well.

Which vanity material would your bathroom need to look good? Not all mobile home vanities come with materials that suite every mobile homeowner.

Do you want an assembly vanity, or are you interested in assembling the top and bottom yourself?

How high do you want it to be? Standard height is usually 34 inches, with an exception of a bathroom preserved exclusively for kids.

What is the capacity of the storage area? How much of storage will you need?

Vanity styles

They come in a vast array of styles, so consider your mobile home’s bathroom fixture. You need a combination of materials and accessories that will make your bathroom look nice.

Traditional or Contemporary

Going traditional means choosing decorative trim-work, classic lines, and molding blended with a range of colors. Metals are sculpted classically to look smooth, while textures and finishes are strictly designed with traditional styles in mind.

Contemporary would feature sleek faucets, smooth cabinetry and symmetrical arrangements. Other styles involve casual, solid wood, veneer, laminates, and so forth.

Framed & Frameless

Framed ones usually have a more traditional look. They mostly resemble kitchen cabinets, though they have a rigid box-like frame. Frameless, are of course without frames. Instead, their doors hung directly on the side of the unit. So if you’re looking to save some space, going frameless is your best bet. They may also come with hidden but easily adjustable hinges.

The choice of design rests with your taste and preferences. Other factors will depend on your décor style, availability of space, and of course – your budget.

Here are 5 mobile home vanities you may want to consider if you’re shopping for one:

1) BobKona St. Croix Collection Vanity (with stool Included) (http://is.gd/qwOjR9)

This unit is white in color, and is equipped with a mirror and attachment extensions. The material is wood and fabric, and the space for storage is huge enough to store your cosmetics and other belongings. It comes with a stool included. The price is $214.

2) 36 inch Cottage Look Abbeville Bathroom Sink Vanity (Model CF28324) (http://is.gd/DzKU8F)

It features a genuine white marble counter-top. There’s also a white under-mounted porcelain sink. It has abundant space for storage, plus the back panel has a pre-cut opening for easy fitting. It has 3 holes in it – with an 8 inch spread in between. You need to buy faucets sold separately at $125. The total price for this unit is $595.

3) Solid Wood, 36 Inches Bathroom Vanity Cabinet (http://is.gd/nxtRxm)

This is a simple vanity/sink/countertop combo that will give you value for your money. It features superb quality of wood, and also meets plumbing standards. The only problem with this vanity is that it features a basin on the countertop, which some users say is a little bit large and also adds height to young users. Otherwise, everything else is fine. The price is $895.

4) Sweetheart Vanity and Stool (http://is.gd/OgmDeE)

The entire structure is manufactured of quality wood. It’s smart to look at, and sturdy when being used. It also features a plexi glass mirror for safety purposes. It comes with a stool already attached into the package. This vanity is small enough to feet in most spaces, so it’s ideal for mobile homes too.

5) Madison Vanity With Marble Top (http://is.gd/G2QPSD)

It’s available in 36, 48 and 72 inches to suite every user. It also features a beautiful tobacco finish. The Galala marble top is a fashion statement inside your mobile home’s bathroom. When it comes to storage, it has interior-adjustable drawers/shelves, and soft-closing doors to secure your items in place. The price is $1200.


What you ultimately choose will depend on your style and space available in your mobile home bathroom. You don’t have to go for costly mobile home vanities because there are cheap ones, which are still rich in style and functionality.

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