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Sink problems in your mobile home can lead to slow drainage, leaks, and poor function. Whether the  issues are plumbing or structural related, an effective sink repair can restore your sink functionality, prevent damage to surrounding surfaces, and improve the sink’s performance. Understanding the nature of your sink problems will help you determine what type of repairs are needed and can help you plan for the repair costs. Your sink repair options depend on the nature of the malfunction. Fixing sinks may seem like a task best left to professional plumbers but many of the sink repair options are quite simple and you can take care of them yourself to save time and money. In this article we will discuss your options for sink repairs, their costs and how to do it yourself.

The sink repair costs can be as low as $80 or as high as $160, depending on the nature of the problem and the materials you’ll need. An average cost of sink repairs is around $120. Most of the general sink repairs are consistent no matter the sink types, but patching leaks, repairing blemishes, or installing fixtures may require skills and materials specific to each material. The overall costs are influenced by the nature of the repairs and the type of sink, with average rates of $191 for natural stone sinks, $188 for cast iron basins, $152 for porcelain, $147 for tile, $136 for metal sinks, and $118 for fiberglass.

Leaky Sink

If your sink is leaking you’ll need to find the source of the leak. Leaks may originate from holes in the basin, worn out drain mechanisms, loose or damaged pipes and valves. The average cost of repairing sink leaks is $160. If a leak originates from the sink faucet, you can repair the faucet fixture without accessing plumbing for around $100.

Cracked Sinks

If you have cracks in your sink is not necessary to have a sink replacement. You can fix the cracks in the sink’s basin by patching or filling the crack. The location of the crack influences the techniques and materials used for the fix. In case that the crack is near the faucet or the drain, it can compromise the fixture or the drain itself. A repair in the drain area may cost around about $142, and repairing a crack near the faucet may cost around $137. A crack outside the drain area can be fixed for an average of $118.


Clogs located beyond the sink’s trap may require disassembly of drain lines. Clog that cause slow draining or standing water can be cleared with a snake, plunger, or auger. Depending of the severity of the clogging problem repairing a slow draining clog may cost $119, and fixing a standing water clog may cost $124. A clog that has caused a leak in the pipes will require drain disassembly and can cost an average of $214.

Faucet Issues

Faucet problems can lead to poor function and leaks. They can be fixed with replacement parts or adjustments. If the faucet is broken, the repair could cost $114. It the faucet sticks it can be fixed at around $92.

Spray hose

If your sink is equipped with a spray hose, you can have issues with spray hose malfunction or leaking. The spray hose assembly contains a diverter valve inside the spout body, a flexible hose, and a spray head. The spray hose is part of a sealed unit and if is broken the whole unit need to be replaced. Other parts of the spray hose system can be repaired.

For minor sink issues you can go the do it yourself route, while for more complicated issues you will need to hire a plumber. A clogged drain can be easily fixed by yourself. The tools you’ll need for the task are: a wash cloth or duct tape, a cup plunger, and possible a bucket.

Slowly pouring hot water down the drain is the first thing you can try to get rid of a clog, but only in case that your sink has metal pipes. Hot water may soften some types of PVC pipes. If you have PVC pipes at your sink then attempt directly to clear the clog with a plunger.

First, seal the sink overflow outlet with a wash cloth or duct tape. If is a lavatory sink remove the drain stopper and if is a kitchen sink remove the basket strainer. Fill halfway the sink bowl with water and place the cup plunger over the drain hole. Make sure it seals the sink surface well and use sharp and quick plunges to clear the clogs. Once the clogs are cleared, replace the sink basket or the drain stopper and remove the overflow outlet seal.

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