Mobile Home Interior Wall Panels: Replacement Options

Mobile Home Interior Wall Panels Interior

Mobile home interior wall panels can without any shred of doubt affect the overall feel of the residence or room. These panels allow a designer to create a feel and look that’s not only unique to your living space but also one that’s complementary to the general décor of the indoor furniture. A good panel is bound to create a very unique aesthetic value within any space. The artistry required usually emanates from matching your overall interior design plan with the available wall panels.

Wall panels come in various sizes and are also made from various materials such as plywood, real wood, veneer and even vinyl. It is important to always go for wall panels that are not only easy to install but are also easy to maintain. The best wall panel should require cleaning by only using some water and non abrasive detergent to clear off any dirt or dust.

The finish on the wall panel does also matter, there are several finished available in the market such as a clear coated shine, a dark stain, a plain stain or a veneer finish. One can also opt for a different look such as teak, rosewood, ebony, macassar or other visual and delicious grains.

Here are some examples of mobile home interior wall panels readily available in the market.

Product Examples

1) Product Name: 4” Beaded Hand Scraped Ivory Plywood Paneling

Price: $ 30.00


Details: this bead board paneling provides a classic look with a pre-finished ivory color with hints of beige and a rustic rust. Every four inches, the panels are grooved with a double beaded groove. The panel is sold in 4’by 8’ panels, this is a durable laminate finish on real plywood for integrity, further to this, and the panel is approximately ¼ inches thick. The plywood won’t contract or expand with changes in the temperature or even the humidity. It does have a lifetime limited warranty and is also quite easy to install.

2) Product Name: Dark Gray Washed Oak Textured Panel

Price: $ 17.50 per square feet


Details: this plywood does have a high durability laminate surface and is quite ideal for residential and mobile home wall applications. The wall panels are further customized to client specifications, making it an ideal choice for unique manufactured home sizes. It is also worth mentioning that all wall panels are sold with edge bands on all four sides, the edge bands are usually provided in matching colors. It is made from durable and strong materials and is easy to use, cut and install. The panel is also easy to maintain, you simply clean with a non abrasive detergent or water and then simply wipe dry with a clean cloth for that perfect fit and look.

3) Product Name: Unfinished Birch Veneer Random Plank Paneling

Price: $ 40.00


Details: this unfinished birch veneer is sold in 4 by 8 veneer paneling and fitted with a random groove. It is ready to finish with a stain, paint or primer. This is a very versatile product and does by all accounts look good by itself when it is combined with some other paneling. It does have a genuine birch veneer on real plywood for that highly sought longevity. The paneling can also be attached directly to studs. The panel does have lots of structural strength and is recommended for interior use in manufactured homes. the paneling is sold with enough groove spacing and does have a lifetime limited warranty.

4) Product Name: Natural Maple 4” Bead board Paneling (4 x 8)

Price: $ 35.00


Details: with its beaded pattern, this paneling does provide the classic, timeless look of bead board with some very subtle wood grain and some beautiful light maple coloring. The panels are grooved with a double groove that’s four inches apart and are usually easy to install because no finishing is required. The paneling does have some structural strength and can therefore be attached directly to studs. The plywood does also have some insulating qualities and does not contract, expand or buckle with humidity or temperature changes. For longevity, the panel is fitted with real plywood and is also CARB 2 Compliant and therefore no formaldehyde is added. It is suitable for use in a wide variety rooms such as bedrooms, bathrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, etc.

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