How To Buy Light Fixtures – Shopping And Installation Tips

How To Buy Light Fixtures Interior

Your mobile home should be well illuminated; the kitchens, living room, bedrooms and even the outdoor area should have adequate light. However, not just any light, but good light that is not only affordable, but also effectively serves its purpose. If your lighting fixtures look old and outdated, or you think your home is too simple and needs some decorative lighting then it is really time to start shopping for new home lighting fixtures. Also, if your lighting fixtures are faulty and don’t function well then you definitely need new ones. Many homeowners find themselves without any clue when it comes to shopping for home lighting. However, outlined below are some helpful tips to on how to buy light fixtures.

Decorative Or Practical Lighting

It is important to make up your mind whether your mobile home needs decorative lighting or simply practical ones. If you decide on decorative lighting there are many designs that are both attractive and functional like recessed lighting, nicely designed table lamps that will add a nice decorative touch to your mobile home. There are also many practical light fixtures that will illuminate your rooms as required and will also last for a long time.

Think one Room At A Time

As a mobile homeowner, you definitely have various ideas for your home lighting. Focus on one room at a time. The light fixture that you will buy for your living room will not be the same as the one that you will buy for your bedroom. You might a have a fixture that gives off bright light for your outdoor area, and another one that gives a softer glow for your bedroom. You might choose recessed lights for your living room or kitchen because these are the areas with most activity and you will not have to worry about dangling cords and lamps getting damaged by the kids or the pets if you have any.

Consider Your Mobile Home’s Interior Style

If you have modern furniture in your mobile home, then choose the modern light fixtures like minimalistic chandeliers, elegant-looking sconces. If your mobile home interior has a more laid- back or minimalistic style, then think of recessed lights everywhere for uniformity. Consider vintage-inspired lighting fixtures like those elegant chandeliers and torchiere lamps for a classic home interior.

The Installation Process

Before buying a light fixture consider the installation process. Will you need fresh wiring or will the wiring in place do? If you like changing your home interior frequently for one reason or the other, then consider lighting fixtures that can be easily moved or updated. Lighting fixtures like table lamps, candle holders, floor lamps and so on can be easily moved when changing your home interior look for that new look. Another thing to consider is, if the lighting fixtures require a professional to come and install them, if you are ready to pay a professional to do the complicated installation for that lighting fixture that you badly need, then go for it.

Think of Your Lighting Needs

If you need a general or ambient lighting that brightens the room indirectly or, if you need a more focused illumination for activities such as reading, sewing or cooking, choose the appropriate fixtures. You will definitely need to cook in a well lit kitchen, so those under-cabinet lights such as a fluorescent (T5), LED task lights or Xenon will directly illuminate the countertops to ensure that you see everything that you do. Most halogen lights are also ideal for the kitchen because they show accurate food colors. Consider buying low voltage strip light fixtures to brighten the inside your kitchen cabinets that contain glass door. For the kids’ rooms, bright close to the ceiling lights will do, especially if they love doing their homework and studying there.

The Cost Of Light Fixtures

The cost of mobile home light fixtures will vary depending on the type. A light chandelier with alabaster bulbs will for example go for $ 67.97 and a wireless wall sconce will go for $50. The prices will vary depending on what you want. You can check out various lighting fixtures at

How To Remove The Old Fixture And Install The New One

You will need the following:

  • Stepstool or ladder
  • Safety glasses
  • Circuit tester
  • Screw driver or a power drill
  • A new light fixture with a mounting bracket
  • Screws
  •  Wire nuts
  • Wire Stripper

1) First turn off the circuit breaker or simply the main breaker just to be safe from electrocution.

2) The steps to remove the light will vary depending on the kind of fixture you have. However, the standard flash mount light fixture will have a single knob that twists at the base.

3) Simply unscrew the knob holding the light in place and take it off.

4) Take out your new light fixture and carefully read the instructions that accompany it. Again every fixture is different, but most of them have two wires coming out of it a white wire and a black wire. Most come when joined together and you can only tell them apart by feeling them with your finger. The one with a ridge is the white wire. Some also come with a third copper colored ground wire.

5) Separate the wires tan use a wire stripper to expose the bare wire by an inch on each end.

6) Attach the two wires from your light fixture to the ones on the ceiling box. The ceiling of course has to have a black and white wire too. There is a third wire in the ceiling box which is copper colored and known as the ground wire if your fixture has a ground wire as well attach it to the ground wire on your ceiling box.

7) Twist white wires together in a clockwise manner and then on the ends screw the wire nut. Do the same thing on the black wires.

8) Next, loop the exposed part of the ground wire round the green screw that is found on the mounting bracket of the new light fixture and then tighten it to keep it secured in place.

9) Lastly, neatly tuck all the wires into the ceiling box and then screw the light fixture’s mounting bracket onto the ceiling box as per the instruction. If you light it and the light comes on, your light fixture installation has been successful.

With the above tips you will no doubt get the ideal light fixtures for your mobile home.

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