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Mobile homeowners have resorted to buying carports as garages to protect their vehicles from being exposed to harsh weather conditions. There are a variety of styles and types of mobile home carports that are easy to install and would last for a long time. However before buying one there are some things to consider. Outlined below are some of them:

Mobile Home Carport Ideas – 4 Considerations

The Building Codes

It is vital to check out your local building codes before purchasing your carport. There are specific requirements in every jurisdiction when one wants to install a carport. There are of course conditions and restrictions for homeowners in every community even in a mobile home parks that the residents need to adhere to. Many housing communities prohibit homeowners from installing certain styles and types of carports which is why it is important to be aware of the type of carport that is ideal for your landscaping and precisely meets the local code requirements.

The Area’s Weather Condition

It is important to choose the kind of carport that will be useful and withstand the weather condition in your location. Inquire about the materials used during manufacture to make the carport you are choosing. Your carport has to stand up to the conditions posed by extreme heat from a hot sun if you live in an area with such weather. If your area is a region that experiences frequent rain, get a carport that will stand up to such an adverse weather condition and protect your vehicle from the same.

Carport’s Coating

Always inquire about the coating of your carport. If the coating is good then it will not chip and peel exposing the metal to rusting. Find out the warranty against chipping, rusting or peeling. In case your carport is unpainted, find out if it is corrosion resistant; and if painted always find out if the color will come off when exposed to weather conditions. There is nothing as annoying to the eye as a chipped and peeled carport standing outside your beautiful mobile home.

Assembly & Installation

Most mobile home carports are usually shipped in packages and then assembled on the site. Properly securing your carport in place during installation will ensure that it doesn’t get blown away when a strong gust of wind comes about. Most carport installation will require the post to be sunk in concrete. Choose a carport whose assembly and installation is simple. You can always inquire about the installation fee if the company is installing the carport for your home. Also find out if the installation hardware comes with the carport or if you have to spend more money on it.

Types of Carports

There are three major types of carport and usually they are based on shape of their roofs. They are:

1) Regular Roof carport
2) Box Eave Roof Carport
3) Vertical Roof Carport

Just as the names suggests, these kinds of carports appear in those shapes. The regular roof style has the normal common style of roof with softer edges. The boxed eave and the vertical roof look almost the same except for the vertical roof which is up and down allowing snow or water to slide off the roof. Buying the vertical one is an advantage for homeowners who live in snowy areas. The vertical roof carport type is also the strongest of the three but it also costs more.

The Cost

The cost of a carport for your mobile home will be determined by various factors. The size affects the cost in a major way. If you think you might buy a larger vehicle in future that will require a larger carport then go for the a larger sized one and get ready to spend some considerable amount. However, if you have a small vehicle then you definitely don’t need a carport that is too large for it. Decide on the length and the width of your carport keeping in mind the size of your vehicle. A carport that is 20′ length and a width of 12′ will go for about $3,341.00. Most of them will come with the complete hardware, the anchor brackets and wood or concrete anchors.

The options that a metal carport will offer will also determine its cost. Options like thicker 12 ga tubing that also offers 20 year rust through warranty will of course cost more. Others are fully braced to increase their durability. Some carports can also be successfully turned into a metal garage. Carports with many options will of course cost more. There are websites which make it easy for buyers to find out the prices by offering free online carport price quote after filling out the information about the kind of carport you need. A visit to will enable you to view various types of carports and their prices, and then make purchases.

Installing A Carport – Step By Step

1) First locate the wall studs on the outside of your mobile home. You will use these studs to attach your carport in order to prevent damaging your mobile home.

2) The roof has to have 1/4 in per every foot slope away from your mobile home. This will prevent water from draining into your mobile home when it rains. If you have a flat roof on your mobile home then don’t attach your carport roof directly.

3) Install a flashing between the mobile home and the carport’s roof. Use the rubber washers on the screws that are holding the mobile home and the flashing to avoid any seepage of water into the home via the screw holes.

4) Apply silicone caulking between the mobile home and flashing to ensure absolute prevention of water seepage.

Most carports come with instruction manuals since they are all built differently. They also come with their own specific hardware. Most instruction manuals are easy to follow and if anything looks too complicated for you, simply avoid buying it. Remember manufacturers are not liable for accidents caused by improper installation, maintenance and repair.

The above are the major mobile home carport ideas that will help you when contemplating to have one installed. If you are doing it yourself, make sure you really understand how to go about it to ensure successful and sturdy installation that will serve you for a long time. If you have to a hire a contractor to do it yourself, make sure they are capable of doing a great job.

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