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To make your mobile home more homely and comfortable, it is important to get a wood stove to provide you with some warmth when the weather gets cold or the season changes. Before buying a wood stove for your mobile home, it is important to confirm whether the stove has been mobile home approved and whether the stove conforms to the rules and regulations of your state. Here is a brief list of some of the best mobile home approved wood stoves available in the market:

1) Product Name: Napoleon 1600CN-1 Cast Iron Wood Burning Stove  

Price: $ 3199.00


Details: this particular wood stove is capable of taking very small amounts of wood and providing lots of cozy heat in return. The double doors open fully for easy loading and its double walled construction does combine a rather rugged and tough cast iron interior firebox. It does also pride itself in having a very versatile installation which makes it easily convertible with a 6” venting either at the top or in the rear. It also has a well concealed ash pan which makes it quite easy to maintain. The safety fire screen does also afford the homeowner an open fire atmosphere, for reduced clearances, there is an optional rear heat shield while the optional blower provides for additional heat circulation.

2) Product Name: Osburn 2400 Wood Stove

Price:$ 1779.00


Details: this is a very impressive wood stove that’s been EPA approved. It does come with a 3.2 cubic foot firebox and 12.5” of clearance in the fitted firebox. This wood stove can accept logs of up to 21” and does have a relatively long burner time of up to ten hours. It is also environmentally safe and efficient with emissions as low as 1.6g per hour. By installing the optional insulated pipe that’s used for fresh air intake, the pipe does connect the stove to a fresh air kit which draws fresh air for combustion, the fresh air intake kit usually includes a restriction plate, an outlet plate and two screws.

3) Product Name: Vogelzang Ponderosa High Efficiency Wood Stove

Price: $999.99


Details: this is a high efficiency stove which provides users with up to fourteen hours of heat on one load, provided the blower speed is adjusted to a level that’s desirable for appropriate heat distribution. It can hold up to 30lbs of wood and has a 3.3 cubic foot firebox and a relatively large ash drawer which makes it easy to remove any ash. The feed door is made from cast iron and has a relatively large ceramic glass window which measures 15” by 19”. This EPA certified wooden stove has a six inch flue collar and is made from a heavy gauge 3/16 inches of reinforced plate steel with a full firebrick lining to boot. With a BTU output of 152,000, this stove does not require any assembly and weighs 400lbs.

4) Product Name: Drolet Myriad High Efficiency Wood Stove

Price: $ 949.00


Details: this mobile home approved stove has metallic black finish and the firebox is lined with firebrick and can easily hold up to 3.1 cubic feet of wood. It does accept logs that are up to twenty inches long. It does feature a high quality 5/16 inch top and a stainless steel baffle. It does have an adjustable door handle and a king size ash drawer which makes it easy to clean and maintain. The wood stove does have good clearances with its double wall pipe: the corners have a clearance of 17 inch, the sides at 23 inches and the back at 6 inches. With a BTU output of 85,000 and weighs 379lbs and has a full load run time of anything between eight and twelve hours and comes fitted with a blower and has variable heat settings.

5) Product Name: Timber Ridge Wood Stove with Log Storage

Price: $ 630.99


Details: this particular wood stove does feature a uniquely European look combined with a built in storage area for keeping logs. It does have an extra large viewing glass which greatly improves the physical view of the fire. For super clean and efficient combustion, the stove does feature a refractory firebox lining. This mobile home approved stove does have specially constructed channels which allow the blower to provide maximum heat transfer. With a BTU output of 40,000, the stove does have a full load run time of anything between two and four hours and also has good clearances: from the side wall it has a clearance of 12 inches, from the rear wall it has a clearance of 10 inches and a corner clearance of 7 inches. It does weigh 235lbs and accepts a maximum log size of 17 inches.

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