Check Out These Space Saving Kitchen Options For Your Mobile Home

Space Saving Kitchen Options Kitchen

When space is at a premium, then a small kitchen becomes an absolute must. But this does not have to take away from the functionality of your home. Rather, these space saving kitchen options will ensure that your kitchen remains the bane of your mobile home. Check these out.

10 Space Saving Options

1. You need extra space: Let us be clear about this. You need more space than what is available to you in your mobile home. So create one. Have a rolling cart. Use it when you need it. When not required, simply slide it inside. It can serve as your kitchen platform, serving tray, and even your tea table.

2. Use the walls: Leave the kitchen platform as you need it all the time. Rather, make use of the walls, Put hooks on them where you can hang your pots and pans, spoons and ladles. Even your mugs can go here. Try to keep these at a height so that you do not bump into them each time you go in the kitchen area.

3. Get a knife rack: Now put this on the wall. So rather than having a knife block on your kitchen counter, opt for a knife rack that saves you space and lets you reach the knives in a jiffy when you want them.

4. Make multiple uses of your kitchen island: Your kitchen island can be used for various things. Use it to prepare meals. Store stuff on it. You can even eat on it by turning it into a dining table. Stack the stools under it when not in use. Also, use the space under it to store stuff like pots, pans and cutlery.

5. Innovative sink design: Forget the double sink. Opt for a single sink. This way you get one large sink rather than two small sinks. While selecting the size, ensure that your pots and pans will fit in the available sink. Avoid having the faucet on the side of the sink. On the other hand, place it on the wall. This way you have still more space available to you. Let the kitchen drain move out through the wall. This way you will have additional cabinet space available below the sink. Keep your dustbin here. In addition, you may place your dust mops, brooms, dust pans and other cleaning accessories in this space.

6. Use corners: This is one area that tends to remain underutilized. Make optimal use of it. Lazy susan is one such option. In addition, you can have pull out drawers that let you see the stuff stored away in these cabinets real easily. Use these corner racks for keeping the stuff used often like your knife block, cruet set, the cutlery box and so on. You may even keep a decorative plant here.

7. Using up all available space: This remains as one of the most important space saving kitchen options. You tend to ignore a foot of space here and there. In a small kitchen, that could spell disaster. A foot long shelf that is just a few inches wide can be used to store a number of things. In addition, proper lighting and right placement will help it to bring wonders to the appearance of your kitchen.

8. Build in your appliances: Avoid storing your microwave, mixer and grill on your kitchen counter top. Build these in and make sure that these are of the same dimensions that can easily fit into the available cabinets. So have a rack built into the cabinet for storing these appliances. Try to fit in your refrigerator also so that it does not jut out anywhere. Besides, this will give a sleek look to your kitchen.

9. Optimize your pantry: Use a cabinet as your pantry. This can be used for storing many other items too. So place all the lesser used items here. In addition, place your pots and pans also here. And your pantry can be outside the kitchen too thereby giving more space to your kitchen.

10. Have good lighting: Keep the kitchen well illuminated. Make sure that even the dark corners are well lit. This does wonders to any space. The kitchen looks larger and all the space gets utilized well.

Use all these space saving kitchen options and add wonder to your mobile home.

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