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Just like any other asset, selling a mobile home can be relatively easy if you do your research well and price your home properly. The key to the success of this process therefore lies in adequate preparation, research and correct positioning of the asset. When planning to sell your mobile home, always think of the process from a buyer’s perspective and come up with ways and means of making it easier for the buyer to choose your home rather than that of another seller or competitor. To succeed in this, there are several steps and procedures one should follow. Here are some tips on how to go about selling a mobile home.

How To Go About Selling A Mobile Home – Do This First….

The first thing you need to do once you decide to sell your mobile home is to determine the amount of money owed on the mobile home. Make a point of calling or personally visiting the company that has financed the mobile home and get the correct figure. Make sure you are given a written document which states how much is still owed. If you are not in agreement, ask for an account statement from the lender and go through the statement with them. Once the figure owed is known and agreed upon then you can start you sale process proper. Keep in mind that this figure automatically becomes the bare minimum that you as the seller can accept for the home since anything less than that will mean that you have to personally pay up the difference.

Do All Repairs

Once this has been done, have a keen and thorough look at the home and make all the necessary repairs required. Simple things such as doing some fresh caulking in the bathrooms, leveling the home, having a fresh coat of paint on the exterior , replacing broken window panes and faucets will go a long way in enhancing the value of your home. Make sure you remove any clutter from your home and ensure that the home is sparkling clean before you even think of inviting anyone to view the home.

What’s Your Home Worth?

You should then ascertain the true market value of the home. Apart from having a professional property appraiser do the job, you can also check internet sites, local newspapers or trade magazines so as to get a listing of comparable homes and check out the pricing. Even though an appraiser will charge some amount to do the appraisal, it is usually worth it since you are bound to get value for money by being able to confidently price your home.

Real Estate Agent?

Depending on how fast you want to sell the home, you can have a multi-pronged approach where you invite a real estate agent to handle the sale while you also try to sell the unit on your own. Though some real estate agents may be apprehensive about such an arrangement, if your property is marketable, most of them won’t mind such an arrangement since they are bound to sell it faster than you due to their experience and linkages. It is worth mentioning that most estate agents demand a small percentage of the selling price, make sure you negotiate with them and have a signed agreement to that effect so that you don’t have any problems in the end.

Home Listing

Alternatively, you can advertise your home online and in the trades. You can do this by listing your home in a database of homes. You can also use any other relevant local trade papers as well as classifieds which can print short ads. Try to list the home in as many places as realistically possible so as to improve the chances of selling the unit fast and profitably.

Open House

Once you have put word out there that you are selling, then get ready and avail yourself for inspections and showings. Try and set aside specific times to show people around so that you don’t end up running up and down all the time, you can also opt to have an open house so that everyone who is interested in the property can come and take a look at a certain time.


When negotiating the price, be firm and flexible at the same time. Don’t allow yourself to be pushed around and also don’t turn away buyers who may have serious offers. Strike a balance so that you accommodate different views, at times closing the deal at a slightly lower price may be cheaper than dragging it for long as you look for the ideal deal.

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