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It is important to note from the onset that most home improvement rebate programs are usually federally funded by the U.S Dept of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) but then ran by other state and local agencies. Many of these programs are usually available on a first come first served basis. They cover a wide variety of items, from landscaping to energy efficiency programs and anything therein between. Irrespective of the state or agency running the program, there are certain general rules and procedures which one must follow so as to get these grants.

The first thing one must do is to choose the upgrade program he or she wants to use. Once you identify the program, get in touch with them and they shall most likely link you up with a participating contractor. All the contractors are usually certified and they come in quite handy in helping you do the paperwork and assess your home.

Depending on the kind of upgrade you are looking at, a participating professional will make a thorough evaluation of the site or systems such as cooling, heating and water heating systems and then make recommendations on the type of upgrades you need to make so as to make your home energy efficient if that was the case or even ensure you comply with the law if that was deemed as a problem.

Most service providers will then provide you with the rebate programs that they have on offer and allow you to choose the most appropriate one. After receiving the necessary approvals and getting the go-ahead to commence the repairs, the contractor will ensure that the works go ahead as earlier agreed. Take your time to confirm that the workmanship is up to standard as well. Once the contractor is through and completed the paperwork, you should expect to get your rebate check within six to eight weeks or thereabouts.

Finally, it is important to always ensure that you only commence work after you have received all the necessary approvals, failure to do this will automatically disqualify you from getting any rebate funds even if the changes are good. Here are some of the best home improvement rebate programs readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) PG& E (Pacific Gas and Electric Company)

Mailing Address: P.O.Box 997300, Sacramento, CA 95899-7300

Phone Numbers: 1-800-468-4743

Web URL:

Other Programs: they run the Home Upgrade program that offers up to $ 6,500 in rebates when a homeowner makes energy saving home improvements. This is a slightly different offer than most since it does take a more comprehensive approach by looking at all systems in the home so as to determine which upgrades will most efficiently and effectively reduce energy usage while still providing the homeowner with a comfortable living environment. Those eligible to this program include 2 to 4 unit condominiums and townhouses, 2 to 4 unit buildings in homeowners associations as well as single family residences.

2) Alaska USA Federal Credit Union

Mailing Address: Real Estate Telephone Loan Center, P.O.Box 196613, Anchorage, AK 99519-6613

Phone Numbers: 907-786-2800

Web URL:

Other Programs: this home energy rebate program has a maximum rebate of $ 10,000 for energy efficiency improvements which include $ 500 for energy audit. This program is meant for residential houses, especially so for the low income residential within the Alaska area. Under this program, homeowners who are keen on making their own energy efficiency improvements on their home can receive a rebate for some of the costs they have incurred. The rebates are generally dependent on the relative amount of efficiency that’s been gained against the actual costs of improvements. The AHFC does also offer New Home Rebate for newly constructed homes that qualify.

3) LB Development Services

Mailing Address: 333 West Ocean Blvd., Long Beach CA 90802

Phone Numbers: 562-570-5237

Web URL:

Other Programs: this program does reimburse eligible owners of residential properties up to $ 3000 to improve the exterior of their properties. This usually includes improvements such as new stucco, painting, repairing porches and windows, new landscaping as well as installation of doors. This program is meant for those with exterior code violations which are visible from the street. Property owners of both multi and single family owner occupied or even rental properties are eligible for this program. After making an application, if you qualify a certificate of eligibility will sent to you, permitting you to proceed with the improvements.

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