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Learning how to build a laundry room can be a daunting task, especially so if you are doing it for the first time. This should not be the case though, one of the most basic mistakes most people do is to start building their laundry room without a well laid out plan and design. Even though the design is reliant on the available space, a well designed laundry room should accommodate your dryer and washer, some folding and ironing space and if possible a pantry should also be included in the overall design.

For this task, it is important to assemble a few items such as a tape measure, some cabinets, the required shelving, baskets and bins, washer and dryer as well and depending on the design chosen, you can also have a laundry sink. Here are some important tips on how to build a laundry room easily and affordably.

First, you need to get the correct measurements of the available space. At this stage you should also decide on whether you simply want to re-organize the room or are looking at significantly changing and renovating the room.

If you opt to significantly redesign and build your laundry room then you should sketch out a simple room design. If you want a more complex or complicated design, you can always seek some professional help and have a design developed for you by a professional. If in doubt, try and get some help online, there are numerous sites with lots of design ideas which can help you come up with a good and professional design. But generally, if you are not installing a laundry sink and not moving your dryer and washer then you should be able to comfortably the laundry room on your own. When you are coming up with the design, make sure you include some storage space for coats, cleaning supplies and other items as well.

With your design in your hand, your next stop should be a home improvement center. Generally, there are very many designs and styles of shelving and cabinetry readily available in the market. Using the measurements you got and the sketches you have made on your design take your time and choose the most appropriate cabinetry. Most home improvement centers will be more than willing to help you out with your choice and even the installation at a small fee. However, for most cabinets or shelving, the installation process is not as difficult.

The next step usually calls for emptying the space. Make sure you have adequate space where you can store items which you will return to the later to the laundry room space. All shelving and cabinetry usually come with detailed and easy to follow installation instructions. Following the listed manufacturer’s instructions, slowly but carefully install shelves and cabinetry. You should then proceed and either re-install the old washer and dryer or if you have purchased new ones, install shelves and cabinetry.

Once your cabinetry and shelves are up, make sure you fit in the hooks and organizers into the cabinets, and make sure you organize the room to suit your specific needs and requirements. If there are any changes required, then do so before you finalize the installation. Organizers are a very important aspect of any laundry room because as their name suggests, they help you organize and keep the room not only tidy but also easy to use.

Once this has been done, you should strive to carefully arrange your new look laundry room, make sure you have enough bins and baskets. These are important because they help you keep your new laundry room clean and tidy. Make sure you have allotted enough space for pocket and change items; stain treatments, detergents and the required ironing supplies.

As you undertake to build a laundry room, it is important to honestly asses your skills and technical prowess so that you don’t take on more than you can handle, be especially careful and wary about electrical wiring and plumbing issues. These can be quite tricky and it is advisable to have a professional handle that aspect if at all you will need to make changes in that regard. It is also worth mentioning that wherever possible, try and consider integrating an ironing area or pantry into your laundry room if you have enough space so as to get a complete, self contained laundry room.

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