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Bed Frames And Headboards Bedroom

Your bed is the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom, so it ought to look and feel good. When you have a tendency of watching TV in bed for instance, a nice headboard would enhance your comfort. And when you go out shopping for the most ideal bed for your sleeping needs, a bed frame with details that conform to your requirements and design theme would suffice. This is a guide to buying the best bed frames and headboards. We shall begin with bed frames first.

Bed Frames

(a) The size of the bed frame

Your mattress and bed frame must correspond in measurements. So if you have a specific bed in mind, you will take the measurements of its frame before getting a suitable mattress that corresponds with it. Options include twin size beds, full-long twins, full size beds, queen size beds etc. These are some of the bed/frame size options available for purchase.

(b) Size of your bedroom

If you already have your mattress with you, place it right on the floor and walk around it to determine how much space you have in your room after the bed is installed. In the event that the room feels cramped, you’ll need to go for space-saving bed frames instead. Some metal bed frames support the mattress and box spring without extending into the remaining space.

(c) The height of the bed frame

The height of the bed dictates how comfortable you’ll feel when climbing on or out of the bed. While you consider the height of the bed frame, you also need to consider that of the mattress and the box spring. Keep in mind that memory foam mattresses don’t require a box spring, so if you’re buying a memory foam mattress, you need to consider the lost height of the box spring in regards to that of the bed frame.

(d) The style of your bedroom

When you first approach your bedroom, you will notice the bed frame and headboard, their color, finish, details as well as overall size of the furniture. These things make a difference in how your bedroom looks at the end of it all.


There are a few things you’ll need to consider when shopping for headboards. If you’re going to use it for comfort in the bedroom, then perhaps you’d be better off with a padded/upholstered headboard. And since you lean on it when watching TV, choose a dark material instead. On the other hand, metal or wood will just create a fashion statement and do nothing else where comfort is concerned.

Freestanding or attached

When buying a bed from scratch, you might want to choose a freestanding or attached headboard. Freestanding headboards are versatile, so your job is to choose a bed that matches them. On the other hand, attached headboards are good because they don’t cost you an extra coin buying them separate from the rest of the bed.

Other details

If you’re aiming at a contemporary look, choose a headboard that’s wider than the bed. Furthermore, the height of the headboard in relation to that of the people who will be sleeping on the bed also matters. If it’s too low, then your back will not be sufficiently supported, so it needs to be high enough for tall people.

Product examples

1) Tall Leather-Tufted Headboard (

The manufacturer of this product puts emphasis on geometric detailing rather than traditional buttons. This creates a comfortable feeling when leaning on it. The material has been upholstered in soft leather, engineered with wood, and designed with easy cleaning in mind. The least price you can purchase this headboard for is $599.

2) Diamond Tufted Headboard (

This elegantly designed headboard will instantly make your bedroom achieve a premium appearance at a cost of $700. It boasts of chocolate-stained wood legs, polyester foam padding, and many other comfort features.

3) Adjustable Metal bed Frame (

This metal bed frame expands from twin to queen-size orientation so you can use any mattress size. The bed frame comes with an attached headboard, though it also pairs very well with most standard headboards. It also comes in neutral colors to accessorize most bedroom themes. The price is $37 only.

4) Wooden Slad Bed Frame (black) (

This bed frame doesn’t need any box spring, plus it fits a standard mattress. It has been engineered with 3 additional legs for added support and stability. Walmart now sells it at $48 only.

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