Top 10 Year Round Lawn Maintenance Tips

Year Round Lawn Maintenance Tips Exterior

A well maintained lawn is a very important asset to any homeowner and a relief to the neighbors. Attractive and good lawns require the homeowner to be hard working and consistent since it demands great care throughout the year. Some of the vital services needed include aerating, seeding, fertilizing, watering and mowing the entire part. All these services play different roles in making sure your lawn is green and lush. The following are some of the simple and quick year round lawn maintenance tips that you can use to make sure our lawn is in good condition.

1) Watering your lawn

Lawns require to be watered nearly once per day if you are not watering so much. If you are watering sufficiently each time, you are supposed to do it for three to four times a week. If you exceed this limit, you may do more harm instead of good to the lawn. You can also opt to water the reseeded patches with a very gentle mist and this should be done two to three times per day for a period of three weeks or till the seedlings mature.

2) Mowing your lawn

Mowing your lawn makes it attractive. Many of the homeowners usually mow their lawn too short which should not be the case. Ideally, the lawn should be kept at a height of about 3.5 inches or taller but not less than that. This is because if the lawn is shorter than 3.5 inches, it will be vulnerable to weeds and heat.

3) Weeding

The most effective way you should use when weeding your lawn is getting on your hands and knees and then pulling the weeds out by the root. Although the weed killers can also help to weed, they are not encouraged since the roots of the weeds will not be uprooted.

4). Get rid of the thatch

Always make sure that you have raked your lawn during every spring using a metal rake. This will assist in reducing the amount of the dead or thatch grass and other organic materials. This is because if the thatch is too much, it can prevent the new grass from growing well.

5) Fertilize with a feed and weed it

You should start your lawn by applying fertilizer at the earliest time possible. This will help to give the young shoots a very good start. The fertilizer will help you control weeds thus solving two problems simultaneously. You are supposed to spread a mixture of the fertilized grass seed and starter soil to the area of the lawn which has been damaged. Generally, weed and feed fertilizer make a good combination since they prevent the weeds from growing and help the grass to stay green and grow well.

6) Over seed if necessary

If you notice that your lawn needs extra help or is young, try to over seed during the spring. This is the process of reseeding the lawn in order to give it a good boost of the potential seedlings. Reseeding should not stress you because instructions are given at the back of seed bags.

7) Lawn repair

The fall or spring is the best time to reseed and ‘repair’ the damaged spots of the lawn. The packages of the soil for such repairs can be obtained easily and reseeding is simple, though time consuming. Make sure that you have watered these patches regularly.

8) Wait on mowing

You should wait till the lawn will be 4.5 inches tall in order to mow for the first time. This will help to shade and kill out the weeds which may be popping out.

9) Aerate when necessary

Aeration is simply putting very many small holes into the lawn in parts with poor drainage or growth. You should aerate it if it remains soggy and wet for a long period after the watering or rain has ended.

10) Apply the winter fertilizer

Winter fertilizer provides the necessary nutrients to give your lawn a strong root system to make it go through the destructive winter season. You can seek more information from your local agricultural officer about the right the best winter fertilizer depending on where you are situated.

In conclusion, maintaining your lawn in a good condition is not that hard but it requires dedication. Try to utilize the tips above throughout the year and for real, you will see the fruits of your labor all the year long.

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