10 Awesome Backyard Privacy Ideas To Implement

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There was a time you could enjoy the glory of solitude right in your quiet backyard. Then your next door neighbor cleared the trees on the lot, so your privacy became public. Then another neighbor on your side, living in a nice master suit with a 2-story deck made things worse, when they opened their deck all to your backyard. Suddenly you begun feeling like a human being in a small fishbowl. But this is a typical scenario in most homes today. More houses are cropping up in relatively smaller lots, while residents or their owners are still putting emphasis on outdoor living areas. This clearly means there’s more demand for premium backyard privacy ideas.

There are several ways you can add privacy to your outdoor living space or backyard. You could erect a perimeter fence, stone walls, plantings or garden structures.

10 Backyard Privacy Ideas to Consider

1) Tree

You could even go for wooden boards painted in shades of brown, black, yellow or green, then blend them with a feathery tree canopy on top, and shrubs in front.

2) Tiered hanging pots and vines

You could hang layered pots with green plants in them. You should use plants such as Ivy since these are an excellent source of fillers. If Ivy is not available, use any fast-growing plant to conceal the space.

The flower pots should be layered with a fishing line that connects them together, all the way to the porch line. Then you should guide the plants to grow along the lines. You should go for flowers such as morning glory because these grow faster. Within a few months, they should reach 20 feet high.

3) Privacy screens for outdoor usage

The best thing about outdoor privacy screens is that they are portable and flexible, so they can be moved around the yard as one pleases. If you just need space in a limited area in your backyard, you can implement them as opposed to erecting an entire perimeter wall. You could buy them at your nearest outdoor improvement stores, or make your own.

4) Outdoor Privacy curtains

You could create a little outdoor privacy retreat with these special curtains. They are made exclusively with a special type of fabric that is ideal for outdoor use. They should serve the same way your curtain work with your windows.

5) Bamboo screening

If you’ve always been fascinated with those tall, lush, green trees, then bamboo is your ultimate choice to bring this experience right into your backyard. Bamboo is also idea to use in areas that are exposed to a busy road or a neighbor’s house. You should plant them in pots and parade them along the perimeter of your backyard in order to gain maximum privacy.

6) Making a garden wall

You could get a little bit crafty by making your very own garden wall. Other than giving you privacy, a garden wall could give you a chance to grow herbs on the vertical space. They also serve to conceal an unattractive wall or a neighbor’s home which doesn’t look so appealing.

7) Lattice panels

The good thing with lattice is that it’s very easy to work with, they can be cut to fit just about any space available. You could also use this chance to grow trailing vines. If you already have a wall in place, you could opt to grow a trailing vine that gives the impression of a green wall.

8) Walls of plants

If you have the patience, a living wall of plants would give you the most genuine living wall made of green plants. These plants know how to create a quiet retreat in your backyard. For maximum privacy, choose tall and bushy plants. Use Italian cypress, Evergreen trees, Skyrocket, Oleander, Emerald or Gold Cone.

9) Tall garden pots

These are tall pots that add instant height to your plants, shrubs, and flowers. The secret to working with them is putting them close together to create that extraordinary charming wall of privacy.

10) Hedge walls

This option is the most time-consuming of all, even though it provides the most privacy. If you already have a wall in place, you could grow trees along the edges of the wall. The moment their height exceed that of the wall, you should begin trimming them nicely for that appealing look.

Implement any of these backyard privacy ideas based on what you can afford. If you want something that offers more privacy and long lasting as well, there’s no shortcut as you have to be patient. But on the other hand, if you need something temporary, you could go with any of the ideas that take weeks or months at most.

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